15” Straight glass Bong W/ Ash Catcher

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15” Clear Straight Glass w/ Ash catcher

Size: 15”

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Nicknamed “The King”, this bong gets big big hits with less cough that is only fit for a king. With 4 chambers and 3 percolators of filtration, this water pipe only allows the smoothest of hits. Top quality glass and a 3-prong ice catcher round off this piece to be an all around staff favorite.


  • Quad chamber
  • Ash Catcher w/matrix perc
  • Ice catcher
  • 8 arm tree percolator
  • Matrix percolator
  • Tinted purple rim
  • 18 mm female joint
  • High quality glass
  • Heavy Base

What’s Included:

  • 15” Straight Glass Bong
  • 18 mm Ash catcher 
  • 18 mm male bowl


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